Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is Oreo after many months of being fed. Oreo is sibling to both Coco and Nieve. In the previous post you can see just how small Oreo was by looking at the picture of Coco when Coco was in his earlier youth. I love the pictures above of Oreo because they show just how much dignity he has. Unfortunately for him, I was hungry when I named him.

It is obvious to me that Oreo was the first born. Oreo has always been leader of the pack. His sibling are Coco, Nieve and Dulce, and he has always watched out for the others. And has continued to do so as a few litters have come and gone. But that's jumping ahead.

Oreo is just a wise cat. And he was/still is the only male amongst all the females on the lot. Again, we are jumping ahead, because most of those females have now been fixed. Oreo has remained one of the only cats that we haven't been able to lure into our traps. He's just too smart for us. Maybe he's thinking, "Change my name, and we'll talk!"


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