Saturday, August 26, 2006


Dulce is the female sibling to Oreo. She is also black and white and is also sibling to Coco and Nieve. Dulce was the runt of the litter. She was always so tiny. But she had these beautiful sparkly green eyes. She always ate last when I fed the cats. I finally started to feed her separately because she was so small and skinny. I would have liked to keep Dulce and try and find her a home, but when we actually caught her and had her spayed it was clear that she could not be an indoor cat. She'd already spent too much time outdoors and spent the time that I did keep her inside scaling a tile wall and trying to jump out a high window.

Today Ducle is almost the size of Oreo. She's very long and lanky. You'd never guess that she was a runt. I get to see Dulce every day and her eyes are still as sparkly green as ever. I'll try and get a new picture of her and post it soon


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