Thursday, August 03, 2006

Coco & Nieve

Coco and Nieve were the first of the "lot" cats that Myrna and I were able to catch. And I managed to catch them both by hand. Coco was by far the friendliest of all the cats, and the one who actively made like a shark and would pass between your legs and swipe you with his tail. I think it was just his way of flirting. Nieve was much more shy. In retrospect, I don't even know how I managed to catch her. I think she just didn't put up much of a fight, but she sure was scared.

Once we caught them both, through Myrna's generosity, we got them to the vet for all their vaccinations and got them fixed. Both Coco and Nieve now live with Myrna just down the street from me. On occassion I get to see them, and they are a far cry from the kittens they were when they lived on the abandoned lot. Both of them have grown into these big and beautiful cats. They are both pure white. And Myrna says they come and sleep with her every night.

Since rescuing Coco and Nieve we came to realize that we would have to search for other options as far as what to do about adopting out the cats. Neither of us had a streamlined way to accomplish this. And it was clear that some of these cats were much to feral for adoption. We agreed that some would have to be vaccinated and fixed and released back to the lot, and that any kittens that showed up to the lot we would rescue. But first we had to figure out a way to catch the more than 4 female cats that were living on the lot. Thankfullfy a couple of the females were much too young to have kittens, which bought us some time. But one or two cats were pregnant, if not on their way to being pregnant.

Photo: What Coco looked like at the beginning, when I'd just moved into the neighborhood and started to feed him, compared to what he looked like a few months later. Pretty drastic difference, right? You should see him now!


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