Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Abandoned Lot - The Beginning of Project Blu

In June of 2005 I moved into the urbanization of Ocean Park in Puerto Rico, and the abandoned lot two doors down from my house is where "Project Blu" all began.

When I moved into the neighborhood I noticed lots of little stray cats running around and feeding out of the garbage cans from the apartment complex across the street. I didn't have money to do anything but feed these cats, and even that was a stretch. But I began to feed them just behind the locked gate on the abandoned property across the street from the garbage cans.

Every now and again I would meet a nice person who wanted to contribute to the cats by giving me food or $20. I was grateful. I wanted to do more, but had to learn to be ok with just feeding them for awhile.

Eventually a woman drove by and saw me feeding the cats. She rolled down her window and I told her a little bit about the cats, and she immediately gave me her name and number and told me to call her later that night. Her name was Myrna Casas. Myrna Casas is a famous Puerto Rican playwright, director, actress, teacher - you name it - and big time cat lover. She told me that she could help with the spaying, neutering and feeding of the cats on the abandoned lot. I thought I'd just met an angel. I was right.


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